Treatment Information

Once you arrive for your appointment and fill out the necessary paperwork to get you started in the program, our intake & assessment coordinators will speak with you initially. Then our physicians will assess your medical, psychosocial and drug use history to learn more about your addiction and treatment needs.  This will ensure that we put together a recovery plan that’s right for you, specific to your addiction and recovery goals.

Next, while the medication prescribed works to resolve the physical symptoms, you’ll have daily and weekly access to group and/or individual therapy sessions to help you uncover the cause of your addiction and learn new coping skills as you gradually move from your current level of addiction to being completely drug-free. We provide patients with educational counseling about the dynamics of addiction and the processes of recovery, as well as information concerning a referral to outside self-help twelve-step groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.  Referral to individual and family therapy is also available.

You’ll also have immediate and long-term access to the resources and support you need to build a new life for yourself; one that is healthy and clean. Instead of a lengthy and expensive inpatient stay, all of our services are provided on an outpatient basis, so you can meet your work, family and relationship commitments while you go through this process. Best of all, getting into our outpatient treatment program is fast, easy and affordable. It’s time to reclaim your life!